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Shih tzu dogs have long hair coat that requires to be maintained regularly before sale. If the.coat is not groomed and kept small in length throughout the year it can give your dog a dirty look. It is required to use hair conditioner to your shih tzu coat atleast once in a week.Also the hair should be brushed. Mumbai breeders offer groomed Shih Tzu for sale. They are reputed Shih Tzu Puppies breeders in India.

Shih Tzu belongs to toy breed family among the dog breed groups,with longer and softer coats which needs to be maintained with the highest care before sale.The coat of shih tzu must be kept clipped throughout the yearby grooming that on time regularly to make sure that the hair doesn't mat and another point of care is that their hair should be apart from the mouth and eyes.It is always great to get shih tzu puppy familiar to grooming from its small age as it is required for them to get brushed regularly throughout their life span.Once it becomes used to grooming it will not show laziness at its grooming time.As per the opinion of some expert veterinarians and groomers the shih tzu should never has its dry coat groomed.Before starting grooming the coat should be sprayed by a hair conditioner at the brushing time.

1.Head of the Shih Tzu dog-
In order to keep the hair coat clean and dust free the shih tzu dog should brushed continuously and regularly.If the shih tzu has a topknot on its head,without disturbing the topknot,start brushing from top of head of dog.
Softly comb out the hair of dog using a set of bristle brush and a comb.Ears of the dog should be brushed with proper attention as that is the place where mats are formed commonly.After brushing use the conditioner spray on the hair so that they will become softer.You can use the scissors now,to pull out the bit of hair hanging in shih tzus mouth and nose.Also cut the hair of dog around its eyes.The hair around the mouth area always gets dirty and because of that when they eat their meal or drink water their hair comes into the mouth that can affect their health.

2.Topknot of Shih Tzu dog-
While grooming your shih tzu dog the long and softer hair on head of shih tzu should be knotted together.Because of this the long hair of dog is maintained and it gives a miraculous look to its face.However these hair are kept out of the dog's face There are many designs available of tieng the topknot of dogs,permissing to you to get as stylish as you wish.Some dog owners make use of these long hair to make french braids for keeping the hair out of their dogs face.Many people ties a simple topknot without keeping it stylish.Properly gather all the hair present on top of dog's head and get them together with the help of set of brush bristles and a comb.Then tie them together permanently with the help of elastic rubber strip as similar as human's use the rubber band to tie their hair together.Please note one thing that the hair of the dog is delicate hence avoid to overpull them as that can be painful for your shih tzu puppy.

3.Shih tzu eyes-
Shih tzu have big and prominent eyes.The red circles around the eyes can be formed from discharging of eyes.You can avoid the developing of these red circles by.grooming your dog regularly,wiping around both the eyes by clean cloth.If the hair around the eyes becomes stained,it can be treated by tear stain treatment appling on the stained hair around the eyes.Prominent red or brown circles is a symbol of red yeast infection and require to be treated as soon as possible by veterinarian.If you want to try the home remediesof that other people suggest to use over the affected and circled areas,prefer the veterinarians opinion first before starting the treatment,as all the treatments can not be right for your dog and some of them could be dangerous also for your shih tzu.

4.Body of shih tzu-
Always use bristles brush and a comb while brushing your shih tzu.Brush on entire body of a shih tzu including the chest,legs and tail,removing the dust or mats if you find there.If you come across any dust or tangles just pull it out softly with the help of comb and brush.When you are brushing ,brush properly to the area of chest,around the neck,area of legs joints.Also clean the hair around the tail properly and if they are uncleaned ,clean them properly.The toenails of your shih tzu dog should be clipped by a nail clipping tool.If the toenail is clipped very short,the possibility of bleeding is more if somehow they hit suddenly.If you are not sure to cut your dogs toenail properly you can take your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic.The veterinarian can do this job very neatly.

5.Shih tzu bathing-
It is not necessary to bath your dog after his grooming.Shih tzu dogs needs bath daily or once in a week.It depends upon what climatic areas they are living in.The show shih tzu dogs need to be bathed once in a week while the family pet shih tzu can be bathed when it gets more dirty.Whhile bathing your shih tzu dog, place him in a big sized tub and wash its hair coat with luke warm water.Apply the hair shampoo on it hair and split the shampoo with hands on every hair of a dog and then wash the hair with luke warm water.If any shampoo left in dogs hair,an infection or itchyness can be caused in a skin of a dog.Once the dog is totally cleaned, use the hair conditioner and leave the coat as it is to prevent the mats in hair.Use towels to dry the hair of a shih tzu dog.

Once your towel becomes wet, it should be removed and a new dry towel should be used to dry the shih tzu.So that maximum water can be absorbed from the dogs hair.There are electrical drier available in the market ,can be used for drying the hair of your dog.Use the.drier when you are brushing the coat of the dog.The dryer makes the hair of your dog soft and silky.