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The english bulldog and shih tzu mix is not purely bred dog but a mixture of the shih tzu and the bulldog.Cross between english bulldog and shih tzu is a dog which is named as Shih Bull.It has a beautiful appearance of english bulldog.It is a good looking dog.This cross of shih tzu and bulldog has the facing and medium coat of shih tzu and the bulky,muscular body with flying ears of an english bulldog.Usually this dog has a medium length coat that is a sign of dog from both sides of the family.It is also a common thing in a Shih Bull to have a black mask with punch fashioned covering like the bulldogs.These are one of the favourite family dogs and very less people dislike their love.

This dog in born has a calm temperament as both the english bulldog and shih tzu have sweet personalities.This dog is also named as ana affectionate dog and they influence the people's attention.Since both adult parents have outgoing personalities it is more likely that the shih tzu bulldog mix will have loyal nature.They have friendly nature and are exceptionally affectionate.Hence the reason they can not used for guarding purpose.Both the parents are categorised in the toy dogs,this dog tends to be similar in size of its parents.Shih Bull do not suffer from the similar diseases as they are bred from pure breed parents. It is a box shaped dog with short legs and curved tail.The nose of english bulldog and shih tzu is short and hence the cross has a short nose with breathing difficulties.Eyes are big and prominent.Colour of the dog varies from breed to breed.Sometimes the dog can be albino or pure white in colour or sometimes it can have fawn and white markings of colours.It is soully depending upon the colour combination of parents.These dogs are very calm and mild by nature just like other bulldogs cross dogs.Though the appearance of these dogs is small dont get fooled by that as they are very energetic and active.They love to play and stay without leash and belt.These cross dogs are very friendly and loyal to their owners and family members.Living with the family is an huge enjoyment for them.They are loving,faithful and polite with people.These dogs like to stay and play with small children as they need a companion who would have maximum energy and activity.Hence the reason Shih Bull are much lovable among the small children.

Size of the cross between Shih tzu and English bulldog-
The.Shih Bull are categorized into the toy dog group as they dont grow big by size.The.everage body weight of these dogs is 8kg to 12kg.and they can.grow upto the.height of 28cm to 30 cm. I.e. upto 12 inches.
There are no health disorders found in cross between Shih tzu and English bulldog as such.Dog owner should check their parents health records from the breeder and should ask thorough questions to breeder before buy a shih tzu bulldog mix dog.Since it is small in size it doesn't require too much space to live.As long as the dog is exercised regularly it can stay comfortably in an apartment.Shih Bull dogs like to play at outdoors but they can be lazy sometimes when it comes to exercise.At running times the dog becomes lazy so it needs to be forced for run.Another way to make your dog to run is to go for a run yourself and this will make your dog to chase you.Since it is a mix breed dog the hair will grow medium or little longer in length.It is mandatory to comb your dogs hair to prevent from becoming them a dirty mess.

For making their hair managable few dog owners do hair trimming of dog.If you have allergies from long haired dogs it is the best way to stay apart from such issues.This dog do not like to stay alone and because of that they become upset.Companion should be given to these dogs to stay energetic and active.Since the nose is short in both the breeds it is the reason both of them face breathing problems because of that.Due to this the cross can have this breathing problem transferred through its parents.
Shih Bull is a small sized and calm natured dog.It can stay comfortably in buildings and apartments.Since it is an energetic and active breed it is necessary to give him morning walk or evening walk regularly otherwise it will be bored at home.You should give him enough exercise daily and on regular basis.If you are living in a hot climate,these dogs can not stay comfortably there.You should keep the dogs in such place where the temperature will be minimum.It is always recommended that the cross should stay in lower temperature places or countries for their good health.Though Shih Bull is a toy breed dog you should give him daily enough exercise.This dog learns and understand the things very well hence you can play a retrieving game with him.The weight of these dogs gains rapidly and very easily as they are cross of english bulldog.English bulldogs eat more and without stopping.Hence you should feed your dog limited quantity on his specified timing.Since these dogs have medium coat they are simple to maintain.Regular brushing in a week is recommended to keep their coat silky and free from getting dirt.
In order to keep the coat conditions healthy you can feed your dog multivitamins and syrup available in market and prescribed by veterinarian.Different kinds of hair oils are also available in market.Regular use of such hair oils can keep your dogs coat healthy.This dog is suitable for the families with small children.They needs the companion who match with their energy and hence they like to stay with small children.Similarly they are also suitable to aged people as no special maintenance is required regularly for their care.