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Shedding in Shih Tzus-

Shih Tzu breed is popular among the people as a non shedding dog breed.Since the shih tzu does not shed too much and hence it has become the first puppy selection of the people who are allergic to long haired dogs.Just like human,coat of shih tzu is made up of hair.They have two coats,an external coat and and an insulating wooly inner coat.Each hair has a life.It lives upto a limited time period.After that it dies and falls out.Hence the shedding happens in shih tzu dog breed.If the coat of dog remains upto the ground the shedded hair remains inside the.coat and dont fall on the ground.


At the time of brushing these shedded hair comes out and falls down on the ground.Hence it is advantegeous to keep your shih tzu long coated for staying shedless while a short coat dog is also advantegeous to brush and clean them easily.Its a responsible thing to find out a fit,healthy and playful shih tzu puppy from your area.Many times the shihtzus live for a long life actively and healthily while few shih tzus suffer in early age period from liver and kidneys ailments,knee joints and skin disorder, eyes and other diseases. 

       There are few books available in market, in pet shops,liabraries etc.You must read the book and follow the guidelines written in that carefully.Otherwise it is a big risk to keep a shih tzu without care.You will have to visit a veterinarians clinic frequently otherwise.There is no option to purchase a book and following that accordingly if you are really a responsible shih tzu owner.Every dog buyer must visit this website who offers adult shih tzu for sale or shih tzu puppies for sale regularly.Every information regarding the shih tzu dog is given on their website through simple and understandable English language.
        Due to the short face of dog the following troubles can be occured in his health.

-They have not a normal respiratory system.If you do smoking aside them or keep any chemical liquid it can harm his respiratory system.Also he must be kept away from the fresh cut grass as it can.be problematic.
- Do not keep your puppy in hot or humid atmosphere .Always give him the temperature below 24°c.There is a possibility of heat stroke in this kind of short faced breeds.
-Try using the harness to the puppy ina Y shape size that can be fitted to his chest and not to throat.Because due to selecting a collar belt around the neck a pressure is generated on windpipe that makes his breathing uncomfortable.After every meal the mouth and skin around the mouth must be cleaned.
You should keep your shih tzus groomed by regular brushing and combing him else it will look dirty and improper.If its not possible for you to keep it well groomed daily you.can do trimmings and keep his hair coat short.Some dog owners like to keep short coated shih tzus as that needs the minimal brushing and grooming and also they are easy to clean.



  These dogs have a good sensitivity level.They can tolerate in both kind of weather condition like hot or cold.These dogs are polite and friendly with other dogs.They are also kid friendly.They are light weight and small sized dog and easy to train.They have less exercise needs.