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Senior Shih tzu Care Tips-

Below we have described few important points that can keep your senior shih tzu in a good health position.
1) If your dog is sitting on sofa or furniture regularly, try to make use of doggy steps for climbing up and jumping down from the sofa or chair. Using the doggy steps your dog's hips and joints will be protected against causing a pain. Doggy steps reduce the reaction from climbing and jumping down. Due to jumping up and down lot of strain can be created on bones of a dog.
2) It is recommended by a veterinarian to feed only ' Senior dog food' to your aged dog. This kind of food contains correct quantity of nutrients and minerals that is required for such aged shih tzu dogs. These senior dogs require more calcium and minerals than the younger dogs. As the senior dogs digests more than the younger dogs they need Senior dog food.
3) The visits of your pet doctor should be more in numbers. If your dog have any minor health issue in joints, eyes, skin, it should be checked on time. The dog should be checked thrice in a year. In these stages some dogs need to be operated if they have any major health disease.