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Definition of rabies-
Rabies is caused by a virus which is spread through the saliva or cells from the nervous system from an infected animal to another animal. Rabies is also categorised into the zoonotic disease and they can be transmitted between the species. Similarly swine flu and bord flues are also grouped into zoonotic kind of diseases. This virus of rabies disease is so dangerous that it directly harms the main nervous system of human beings and it causes very major symptoms of neurological system. There are also chances of dying a person. Rabies is one of the fatal disease on the universe as there are no survival chances of person and hence it is supposed to be a dangerous disease.

Is rabies all time dangerous?
Rabies is all time dangerous once its symptoms are seen in the person's health. There is one medicine which can avoid the virus to enter in the body named as post exposure prophylaxis. But this medicine should be given immediately after biting the dog or scratching by infected dog.

Rabies is spread by lyssaviruses with rabies virus and Australian bat lyssavirus. Dogs are involved in this deadly rabies disease most commonly. In all countries across the world, maximum rabies cases occurs in which dogs are infected due to biting of other dogs. In united states, the main source of rabies is from biting of bats. There are less than 10 percent of cases from biting of dogs. Rodents usually are not infected with such an horrible disease. Through peripheral nerves this deadly virus reaches to the brain. If you want to cure the disease, you should start the treatment on immediate basis after recognizing the symptoms. Due to controlling the animals and regular vaccination schedules, chances of rabies from animals are getting decreased in almost all parts of the world. The areas under the high poorty are at the high risks of the rabies. Immunization among the people is necessary to be done before spreading the infections. The people who work with bats for maximum period of time and the people working in region of the universe where rabies occurs commonly. Within the rabies exposed people, the vaccination of rabies and immunoglobulin plays a vital role in preventing the rabies if the treatment of rabies gets started at the beginning of sysmptoms of rabies. Once the dog bites and scratches to the other animal or person, by washing those scratches or bites by using soap with water for half an hour, povidone iodine in pure form, detergent powders, the amount of viral elements will be reduced and helps to prevent further transmission of disease in the environment. After rabies symptom is determined to a person, there is a rare chance of survival of that person. If the person is survived by the treatment then he is very fortunate. That treatment is named as ' Milwaukee Protocol'. Every year approximately 25000 to 60000 deaths occurs due to this deadly disease. Out of the number of these deaths, more than 90 percent deaths are seen from the Africa and Asian countries. There are more than 160 countries where rabies is occurred. The dogs present in the countries like Japan, Unites states of america, Canada, Australia do not have rabies in their whole life. There are many small countries like Islands where.rabies is not found.

How is the rabies transmission done in atmosphere?
Rabies can be transmitted from one person to other person hence it is categorised into a viral kind of disease group. Mainly it spreads from the saliva of an animal like dog to other animal. It can be spread due to the scratching too. If an infected dog bites any other dog, he will get infected too due to transmission of virus through biting. Biting and scratching are two ways that spreads rabies in atmosphere from animal to animal.
In human beings the rabies spread mostly due to biting of an infected dog. There are other animals also who are the sources of carrying rabies. I would list them as follow.
1) Bats
2) Fox
3) Squirrels
4) Raccoons
5) Possums

When we say the disease spread through saliva, in that case what exactly happens is, the saliva of infected animal comes in touch with the membranes of eyes, nose and mouth, due to taking inside the saliva present in the air through inhalation process. If a shih tzu or other animal has a rabies and if we eat a raw meat or other cells of such rabid dog or animal, it will not be able to transmit the disease. However it will not be helpful to cure the rabies in the human. If an animal is infected from rabies, its nervous tissue will come in touch to damages in the skin. There are number of incidents where the raw meat of rabid animals given by the butchers became responsible for transmitting the rabies to human beings and other animals.

Where is the rabies occurred?
Rabies occurred among the small children mostly living in the poorest regions in the universe, mainly rural Asia and Africa. Similarly the young persons living in such parts of the world are also at risk. Due to their poor financial situations they are unable to treat the disease by taking the right medical treatments on that. As a result some of the people also die due to the reason. We are doing work to prevent the rabies among people. We give prior vaccinations for curing the rabies. You can also help us by donating to our work. Rabies is a disease which is not curable but it is preventive. Rabies does not seen in regions of Antarctica. Otherwise it is seen in all continents. In progressive countries like America, London, Canada, India and China the ratio of rabies virus among the people and animals is very low due to social health measures. It is seen that most of the rabies deaths occurs in Africa and Asia due to the infection of canine rabies.

As per the observation by world health organisation 4 billion people are daily living with a risk of rabies. Other observation is that there is the ratio of 55,000 people who are dying every year due to the no available treatments on rabies. Out of these 55000 people, 50% are small children. We are doing our best job to root out this disease from the.human society. We wish that you will cooperate us by donating us some funds which will make our job more easier in rooting out the rabies from India. We request you to do whatever you can for preventing the rabies. Please take a major step in preventing this disease as by tomorrow there will be death of another hundreds of people and many animals. Make a donation of an amount which is affordable to you. Your single penny can save a life of a person or an animal from the deadliest rabies on universe.To donate in Ruppees ( INR) make use of this page from all countries across the universe. We will not disclose the name and contact of a donator. It will be kept private. Make the donation only by donating your affordable fund and we will make together this universe a protective place. Some people across the universe are those maximum at the risk of the rabies. There are some people in the continent of Africa and Asia who use to sell some livestock and run their household needs. Selling livestock is their only business on which they depend for food. Hence such people do not bare the high cost of treatments of rabies and as a result they die because of the rabies.

Just imagine the situation that If a children is playing and enjoying his day with a dog in a balcony area. The childrens are totally unaware about the dogs disease untill and unless the dog doesn't bite to one of the child. Now, suppose that the dog has bitten or done on body of a child. There is a children named as Amit and Anil who got victims of rabies by such dog bite. Amit And Anil are the sons of Mrs Anita Patil. This is the hard situation before Mrs Anita. The treatment of rabies is so expensive that it is not affordable for her. Her monthly income is lesser than the cost of rabies treatment. He was knowing that she is unable to treat her child by borrowing some money from neighbours as there is a lot of money required to curing the disease. She face an uncertain decision. She couldn't able to judge the right way. She had to choose only one of two children for receiving treatment appropriately. She was unable to choose one of her child to live and other to die.
If you are there in place of Mrs. Anita, will you make a firm decision in such situation?
The ending of this entire story was good. We met to Mrs Anita and we were able to cooperate her by getting the treatment to both of her children.

Kindly cooperate us prevent the rabies among the other families by donating your affordable amounts. Donate Us!