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Price range of a Shih Tzu puppy-

In this article we will learn few ideas of finding out the costing range of a shih tzu puppy. In today's time of competition and financial responsibility no one would like to buy a puppy by paying an extra amount to the breeder. Buying a shih tzu puppy is not a small investment but it is considered as an huge deal. Yes, it is an huge deal! If you buy a puppy you will need to buy the accessories relative to the requirements of them. Also pups daily maintenance is there. Lets consider the daily feeding of puppy, weekly grooming if your dog is a show quality, training services required at initial 4 months for your puppy, dog walker services required daily for your dog etc. These are the things which are necessary to purchase along with the doggy. In puppy accessories dog cage of stainless steel material, chewsticks, dog bed, dog jewellery, food bowls, dog collar and leash etc items are included. If you are buying a shih tzu you will need to buy these all items compulsarily. Also when you bring a baby at home you should spend the money for regular Veterinary checkups of puppy, visits at vet clinic when your puppy is ill, dog foods etc. You want to know the shih tzu puppys price because you are looking to buy a shih tzu puppy for yourself and your family or you have already purchased a pup and you just want to check whether you had paid more or less amounts than the required amount. Hence I am dedicating this page to those dog lovers who usually ask me every time a question, ' Whats the price of a shih tzu puppy?' In this article we will discuss the different price ranges dogs according to their high quality and low quality features present in them.Also we will discuss about the cheap shih tzu puppies or inexpensive shih tzu puppies and the reason behind their cheap price. We are discussing the cost range in india and maharashtra state. The price will get changed in rest of the countries like UK, USA, Switzerland etc. The price of these pups will be as similar to the price in bangladesh, as the currency of both countries are relatively equal in value. The major thing is to know why there is a difference in prices who have equal age group and colour markings. Earlier we had discussed about the cost and there was a question that how much for the puppies? The cost range is from INR 30,000/- to INR 50,000/-. The actual cost range is from free of cost to the INR 60,000/-. Some people give their puppies for free adoption. But there are very few people who do not want to keep profits out of their puppies.Otherwise maximum people earn the profits from their newborn shih tzu puppies. There are some cases in which cost is worth more than the offered cost by the breeder. The cost also depends upon the overall area.of the country. If the area of the country is small then the price of puppy will be more.

There will be difference in price with respect to time. In some cases you would get a Tzu in very low cost. For an example, in india, if a person buys a puppy for a cost of 40,000/- INR and for the xyz reason if he is not able to keep the dog at home and he wants to give away his dog to a loving and caring home. If in such case the person gets any dog lover who is in search of a good quality shih tzu, the owner can give his dog to the dog lover in lesser amount. Of course this is a very rare case. Hence the price depends upon the time also. If there is an advertisement kept on Google by the breeder that kci shih tzu puppies for sale or adorable shih tzu for sale in 15000/- INR, Will you be surprised? Will you get questioned that why is the breeder selling the puppies in such a cheap price? There should be a certain reason for this. Maybe due to the poor quality of puppy the breeder is selling puppy in low cost. Orelse the puppies are without pedigree certificates. At the time of advertising many breeders say that they have the pedigree papers of puppies applied to kennel club of india but after delivering the puppy, they deny to give the papers once their puppies are sold. Such breeders are not trustworthy. So the dog breeder should have the potential to offer the exact price according to the quality of puppy. If any breeder quotes.high price like 60000/- INR doesn't mean that the puppy is high in quality. You should able to judge the quality of puppy by looking it. According to the quality you should judge an approximate price of it. You should quote the worth price according to the quality of your puppy. Then only you will be the successful puppy seller