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Information About Bitch's Pregnancy-
If you have a shih tzu and you are looking to breed her for first time or your shih tzu is conceived and you will get the puppies in few days, you should have all possible information and details for dealing with such a pregnant shih tzu bitch. The humans also face menstrual cycles. In humans this menstrual cycle is longer than the cycle occurs in the shih tzus. Hence you shoukd recognise the signs of heat occured in your shih tzu. We have also discussed in earlier article to how to identify that your shih tzu is on heat. For dealing with pregnancy identifying your shih tzus heat signs is the first important thing. For your adult shih tzu mama and come to soon babies it is highly important to take care of them and feeding an healthy diet to them. In pregnancy days mama shih tzu requires more diet than that of her regular diets. Your shih tzu bitch requires more energy in those days.

An indication of Pregnancy of Your Bitch-
When your bitch gets conceived, from the first day of Pregnancy your bitchs behaviour would be changed. Like a giant dog breeds the toy breeds show the similar change in behaviour in the pregnancy period. If your dog is active, in pregnancy days it will turn to become calm and quiet. It will spend more time in the bedroom or resting room to sleep. The portion around the vagina will gets swollen. The bleeding occurs from vagina in less quantity. Size of her nipples become bigger and tougher than the earlier size. A few amount of milk may start drooping from those nipples. Her vagina will show amount of swelling in it. Female will spend more time in resting areas and will show nesting behaviour. The belly of shih tzu female will become swollen at the 25th day of her pregnancy. It is natural.

How Long the Pregnancy Will Remain In The Shih Tzu Adult Female?
The pregnancy period of an adult shih tzu bitch is between 57 days to 68 days. In an average, the female starts delivering the puppies at 63 days age. Just like the human beings, the shih tzu delivers puppies naturally. Sometimes if the head of puppies is bigger than the normal size and does not passes through the vaginal portion, the cesarean is required in such cases.

How Should Be the Preparation Done?
You should do the preparation with the help of a veterinarian. In the pregnancy time you should provide everything required for your dog. The dog should be treated like a King in this period. You should do whatever good which is required for the female's health and upcoming puppies. You should feed her proper food. In these days the appetite of female is more than ever. Since the manufactured dried dog food has more amount of fats and multivitamins that can be harmful for the growth of newborn puppies. It is recommended to feed the homemade food to your shih tzu puppies. If the homemade food is not suitable or puppies are not eating that well you can give them a regular food mixed with the homemade food and serve that to puppies. In pregnancy season 90% of shih tzu females will have highier appetite than the usual.

Activity of an Adult Shih Tzu Female-
There will be no such a special difference shown in the health of a shih tzu female upto the 2 weeks. From 3rd week to 9th week activity of a shih tzu bitch will be slower and the female will become calm. If you want to give an outlet to shih tzu female to utilising.her energy, you can allow your female to go for a walk. However, in the pregnancy period, the female should.be avoided to jumping, running etc as that can provide harm to the fetuses.

Veterinary Visits and Checkings-
If you think that your shih tzu will deliver puppies in next few hours, you should bring down your shih tzu to your regular veterinarian. Normally all veterinarians suggest to visit his clinic once in every week. After completion of four weeks your experienced vet van tell you exactly how many puppies are growing in your shih tzus belly by touching her.belly. Some veterinarian will perform x rays or ultrasound at the pregnancy period for knowing if the hip portion of your adult female is proper and allows for the safe birth of puppies. At the time of 42 days the bones will be calcified and the x rays will detect exactly the number of fetuses present inside the belly.

How Can I Determine the Number of Puppies Growing Inside the Belly of My Shih Tzu?
Most probably 90% of toy group dog breeds gives 3 to 4 puppies maximum. Though shih tzu is from toy group dog breed, its litter capacity is little more than other dogs from toy group. The normal shih tzu bitch can give five puppies in a litter. The average number of puppies in a litter of a shih tzu is five. It is obvious that if larger the litter is more care of the puppies need to be taken. The rearing and weaning of the puppies is very important after the birth of them.

What Is An Ideal Place to Give the Birth to Puppies?
This is a special query. You should take your veterinarians opinion in this. Usually the veterinarian do not allow to come to their clinics at the birthing time of shih tzu bitch though the veterinarian clinic is a kilometer away from your home. Your veterinarian can definitely suggest you a list of other dog owners who are experienced and gone through the pregnancy of their dogs. You can invite them to your house at the birthing time for the help. This will be the great assistance for you than any other option. In case it is required to perform a cesarean section of bitch you will need to move the bitch to the veterinarian clinic as that is recommended. If the bitchs pelvic portion is not able for.birthing C section are necessary to be done. Otherwise critical situation will occur due to complicated positioning of the puppies.

What Care Should Be Taken For Home Birth of Puppies?
If you are planning to deal with the pregnacy of your shih tzu female at your home, by taking help of dog owners who are experienced and gone through their dog's pregnancy, the necessary care should be taken by the shih tzu owner.

During the pregnancy time your shih tzu should be placed into the very quiet place or room. Normally after 15 days of crossing the extra care of the shih tzu must be taken. As the days go on, the female goes tire more easily, hence it is recommended to keep her at a comfortable place at where she can take a rest. It is recommended to choose such an area where not only you bitch will like to feel comfortable but also she will give birth to her puppies. The separate room should be given to the bitch where no disturbance will happen. You can give her a bathrooms space , obviously this bathroom.should be a.secondary, so that no one can disturb her. You can use the wooden box at the bathroom which can play a role of a whelping box for your shih tzu. In this whelping box your bitch.should experience total safety and security at the time when she is delivering the puppies or at whelping time. In the enclosed portion of the box, your female will.feel safety. I have given the list of some important supplies required at the delivery time of your shih tzu-
1) Washed cloth sheet and napkin
2) Thermometer for measuring the body temperature of bitch.
3) String
4) Pad for heating purpose.
5) One small dropper.
6) A magazine paper or newspaper
7) Plastic syringe.

A Biginning of Labor-
When the body temperture of bitch goes down, labor will start. The average body temperature of bitch is 101 degree farenheit or 38.3 degree celsious. If the body temperature of bitch gets low by one degree it is necessary to put your female to the whelping box if she is not in the box.

How Are the Puppies Born-
As the time passes, the bitch become uncomfortable and appears restless or unrelaxed. The bitch pushes out one puppy at a single time. There is an amniotic sac surrounded.by each new born puppy. The bitch will break down the surrounding sac.by the help of her teething and lick the puppies and makes them clean. When the mother starts licking the puppy the blood circulation in the puppys body gets active and it starts the puppy to breath. If the female does not do this you should do this for puppies. Softly with your hands rub the pups body and with the help of bulb syringe wash out the mouth of fluids. The female will try to bite umbilical cord. Do not get afraid when she starts eating the sac, placenta and other things that are expelled. This is a normal and acceptable behaviour of a shih tzu. Then in slow motion pull the every end of the string which will cut the cord. Some portion left on the puppies body will dry out and falls later within 10 to 12 days. If the adult female is not accepting to her puppies keep the heating pad under the plastic sheets to give warmth without the risk of burn and make use of a dropper to feed your puppies. The original milk is not supposed to be used. There is royal canine milk for new born babies available in pet shops. Make use of that to feed the puppies. In 99% of cases, some puppies are required to guide them to suck their mothers milk.