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Once you buy a shih tzu puppy from shih tzu breeder,training the pup for his potty purpose can be most frustrating task during the first few weeks.Owner should keep lots of patience,hard work and consistency in his attitude.I have given below few tips that may be helpful in training your shih tzu.These tips are totally written by our practical experience and thorough research on that.

In order to train your shih tzu quickly and completely,crate training is the most known and popular method.It is mean that you must keep the shih tzu puppy in crate when you are playing and enjoying with him at home or outdoor.Do not let your shih tzu puppy run out of the crate when you are playing with him.If the pup is required to go to the toilet the pup will think in your absence that he should go to toilet or bathroom in corner and get his job done.Start taking out your shih tzu puppy every morning through the same room door to the same space in the yard.If you decide to paper train or litter box train your shih tzu puppy then you should take him to the paper or litter box regularly.Shih tzus never like their bedrooms or sleeping place to be dirty.They feel uncomfortable in such places.Hence in this way you can minimize the incidents of "wrong places potty" done by your shih tzu pup during the first few weeks.You should take your shih tzu puppy out at some specified intervals otherwise it can do potty anywhere.After every meal in the morning time you should take him out to walk.If your puppy is sniffing or turning round-round it is mean that your puppy needs to come out of the crate.Similarly before sleeping time you should give your puppy the sufficient walk.You should feed and water your shihtzu puppy at the specified intervals without forgetting their schedule.If your puppy eats on a schedule he will do other things on schedule regularly.

From few shihtzu dog owners hear commonly that if your shih tzu is out for upto one hour it refuses to go inside the crate.When your shihtzu enter inside the house he will mess.In order to make your shih tzu a proper eliminator,you should let him out at 5 min intervals.Untill and unless he has not eliminated outside the house do not let your shih tzu puppy down on floor.This ensures that the puppy doesnt get habitual of eleminating inside the home.When your shihtzu puppy is distracted there are chances of forgetting the purpose for what he is outside for.After he is back to home he will remember and will eliminate inside the home.You should water your puppy 3-4 hours before the sleep in order to avoid the wetting in bed during the night.By doing this your shihtzu can make empty his bladder before he sleeps.If your shih tzu eliminates inside the crate do not shout at him.By doing this your shihtzu will learn to eliminate only when you are.not seeing him inside or outside places.You should reward your pup at that time for eliminating successfully and your shih tzu will always give you his true joy.
So these are some helpful and informative tips for doing crate training or paper training of your shih tzu puppy.