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Development Stages in Shih Tzus Life Cycle -

21 DAYS AGE- The pups are so small and delicate. In this stage shih tzu pups starts to open their eyes. Initially the vision may not be totally cleared but gradually it is improved and becomes clear.

42 DAYS AGE- At this stage the body movement of puppies is very delicate and slow. They are just learn to walk and move here and there. Though 42 days old shih tzu puppies are very active and love to run in the balconies, garden near the house, they should be avoided to walk or wander in outdoor places untill and unless all of its vaccinations are cleared. Otherwise they can be a victim to viral infections. Also in this age stage the house place should be clean and protected.

56 DAYS AGE- In american countries when the pups are 56 days old it is necessary to give them to their new dog owner or home. At this stage you can start the training of your puppy. The puppies are totally weaned from mother and should give their full diet of royal canine or eukanuba or any other recommended dog food . Sometimes few pups take a longer time to wean about 9 to 10 weaks. The development of small teeth of puppy is completed at this stage.

150 to 180 DAYS AGE- This is called as the Teething stage . In this stage previous temporary teething of puppy falls down and a new permanant teething comes out. At this stage the dog owner should give his shih tzu puppy the ice cubes by which their teeth will get exercised. Also the different types of chew sticks, toys are helpful to make dog's teeth more stronger. You can keep these chewsticks in the freezer to become them cold and good.

180 DAYS AGE- At this age stage, it is the time for your shih tzu to come on her initial menstrual cycle. It is always suggested by the veterinarian to have the bitch spayed in order to slow down the possibility of dangerous diseases like cancers. Also an infection to shih tzu can occur.

365 DAYS AGE- At this stage, your shih tzu pup is totally developed in terms of bones and body. Now it is become an adult dog. You should change your dogs food from "puppy junior" to the "adult dog". As we discussed before in 5th article of this website we usually suggest to feed homemade food instead of the dried dog food to you pup. As the dried dog food contains amount of chemical and preservative, homemade food is always the best option to feed your dog.

8 YEARS AGE- At this stage your shih tzu becomes a retired dog. Now you can feed your dog " Senior dog food" instead of feeding "Adult food". The nutrition and mineral quantity in " Senior dog food" is more than present in the "Adult dog food". At this stage shih tzu requires more energy. Also the feeding times should be reduced from 3 times to 1. In senior dogs if they eat once in a day, that will be the enough for them for a whole day! Also the veterinarians visits should be raised at this stage. It is recommended to do checking of dog each after 4 months.