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Nobody would like to keep their child alone at house. Usually most of the times we must keep our baby shih tzu alone at home and hence it is recommended to train your dog to stay alone at home and adapt as per the circumstances.
Your shih tzu will have anxiety while separating from his owner so you must train him to keep his behaviour natural and fresh and overcome his separation anxiety. A good shih tzu trainer is required to train your shih tzu baby in appropriate way. A shih tzu breeder from whom you buy shih tzu puppy should guide you and suggest the recommended trainer.

If you are very much sure that your shih tzu puppy will not show separation anxiety then you will be totally relaxed when you are out of home for 5 minutes or 10 hours. Your dog should handel the situation and stay properly even when you are out of home. If your shih tzu has separation anxiety he will start chewing the furniture or things in the house and may start peeing at his place and more.
If you need the patient shih tzu and mentally content with indestructible behaviour when he is lonely at home, your trainer should teach him with full of concentration and continuous working of different training techniques.

In order to handel the case of loneliness at home your shih tzu must develop the inner self confidence and should stay and play independently. Ofcourse for developing in such a way your shih tzu requires more time period as it happens slowly and steadily. Once your shih tzu learns to stay alone at home he will never do peeing and chewing the things present in house. You should learn your shih tzu these training techniques of staying alone at home from his puppy age as they will become much used to with the situation in early age and can handel the stress of empty home very well.
The shih tzu trainer should stay with the puppy for maximum period of time in order to teach the puppy necessary skills, 4 days in a week if possible.

For homebreaking, the shih tzus age must be eight months before being alone at his place and holding the toilet requirements. When your dog is a puppy, his bladder and muscles are not strong and hence they take time period of 2 to 4 months to get completely trained.

At what age it is recommended to keep your shih tzu alone at home? The right answer is it should be eight to nine months old before that it is not recommended to leave him alone at home. However, if you need to go college or office work or business meeting it is recommended to keep your pup at home for seven to eight hours in a day.

In mean time, if there is a lunch session you can go and meet your puppy as that can relieve the stress of a puppy. It is another benefitial point that if your assistant comes over at some phase of time when you are left to walk your shih tzu, permitting for a toilet break, gives a plenty amount of relief from the separation and to check the things. This assistant can be your neighbour, colleague or family member. His support is your big relief.
As compared with the puppy, the adult shih tzu has more understanding in terms of behaviour. Adult shih tzu knows well that how to behave with people and other dogs properly. Adult shih tzu wont show the misbehaviour with the people as he knows what is not expected from him to the people. If the adult dog gets a good new home he will take his time to adjust in the new house's environment and to settle in new house with their new owner.

If you keep your shih tzu dogs in a basket for a whole day, the shih tzu will become stressed and uncomfortable. The shih tzus require clean, open, calm and big space to enjoy, run and play around. They need totally positive atmosphere to live healthily.
Since the shih tzu is an indoor dog breed, when you are leaving home you should keep him inside the house very carefully. In hot weather or cold weather, the shih tzu shoukd be kept inside the house in all conditions. There are sudden changes happens in weather conditions. There is a possibility to start of a day with hot climate and end of day with cold climate.
In order to escape from such changeable weather cycle it is not a right option to keep your shih tzu puppy in a crate for a whole day or outside the home. Inside the house the place of shih tzu should be comfortable. You should choose such an area at where your dog will be comfortable to relax and enjoy both when you are out of the house and when you are present in the house. One more thing is to disclose that the full room is not necessary to designed for the dog but only the chosen area space is to be designed by the owner where the dog is going to sit or play.

You can gate off the area of room by using the baby gates or there is another alternative for shih tzu is an indoor playpen. These gates are made up of the raw materials which can be cleaned easily and they are totally portable. These gates offer huge area in a room so that the dog will not feel alone and unhappy. By using the baby gates your dog will get huge amount of area in a room to play and relax.

Your chosen place for shih tzu must have the following features-
1) a space for water and dry food, settled in a bowl.You should make a option for keeping water into a dispenser instead of bowl. Also a few quantity of food should be present into a food release toy.
2) The newspaper should be used for the isolation. The dog will not always disturb the goal. If it is set up much apart from the food and sleeping area , there is a good opportunity that it can be used.
3) A tub of playing toys; a shih tzu learns to keep his playing toys in the tub and select which ones he would like to play with. For more fun and enthusiasm the toys should be colourful. The dog should see the difference between colours. There should be such toys present in a tub which can make sounds as they are ideal for relieving the isolation stress.
4) A space for taking rest. The shih tzu undergoing the separation stress do good with the comfortable beds with a small puppy blanket. Due to this the shih tzu feels comfortable and secure.
The room area should be much free and not confined. The stress of small space or claustrophobia raises the isolation stress by ten times.

Before leaving the home the shih tzu owner should give a span for care and attention to his dog. He should manage a sufficient time for his dog before going out of home. Few things which are mandatory to be done. They are as following.

1) Daily morning take your shih tzu out for a morning walk for half or one hour period. This will help your dog to stay fit and healthy.
2) Give a chance to your dog to empty his stomach by eliminating.
3) Go near to your dog, hug him, kiss him in order to relief his isolation stress. However, this must be done little before you are leaving the house. If you do this at the time of leaving it wont be beneficial for your dog. Hence this special kind of affection and love should be given before half an hour of leaving the house.

 Its difficult to leave your shih tzu alone at home not only because he will become so stressful that he will damage the furniture or things at home but do the elimination at his sitting place or bark continuously. Once you are back to home your dog will be excited beyond the control. There are few dogs that can not handel the isolation stress when their owner leave the home, become over excited once their owner is returned home. They gets a feeling of soothing and relief. Some dogs gets so excited that they may have urination automatically.

It is possible that your shih tzu will be excited all the time whether you are gone out of home or returned back to home. The ideal trick for this is that never permit your pet to think that your attendance is a big event.

Going out and coming back-

It is difficult to say SEE YOU to your shih tzu as it will miss you a lot and vice versa. Also once you left the Tzu alone there are chances to damage the furniture and other things inside the home by Shih Tzu. There are chances to face the isolation stress in loneliness by your shih tzu and also the elimination inside the home at the playing space. If you keep your shih tzu alone it will bark continuously inside the home in a louder voice. When you come back to home, your dog will be so happy that he couldnt control his enthusiasm and his joy will be out of control. There are some dogs that feels isolation stress so much but once their owner is back to home their mood becomes so happy that they can not control their emotions for the part of time. Some dogs make their urination in that time when their owner is back to home, such dogs are out of state of enthusiasm.

It is possible to relief the isolation stress of your shih tzu at your departure time period. It needs lot of presence of mind and patience. The solution for this is to always depermit your puppy to think that your attendance with him is a big event.
Before you leave the home you should hug your dog, kiss him and play with him as much as you can. In morning time for an hour you should take your shih tzu out for the morning walk for staying fit and healthy. You can do full attention to your shih tzu during the morning walk session. Once the walk is finished you can leave your shih tzu to occupying himself in his fixed restroom or living space. You can go out of house once the dog is left alone for occupying himself. Your behaviour should be casual around your shih tzu while you are changing the clothes, taking breakfast and while leaving the home.

At the time of going out of home, avoid to say SEE YOU, TATA, BYE to your shih tzu as that creates a sad or upset atmosphere around the dog. At the time of going out of home divert the attention of your puppy by giving him a funny toy so that he can play with the toy and wont look at you. That time you can leave your home for work. Some shih tzu owners think that it is improper to not say SEE YOU or BYE you shih tzu puppy while you are going out. They consider this as a unfaithful behaviour with their pet. Hence they always goodbye their dog while going out. However, if you divert the attention of your dog while leaving and returning home, the amount of stress of isolation will be reduced. There is no need to afraid that your dog will spend many hours lonely surprising where in the universe you are went to; he will not get stressful due to such an isolation as he must be knowing that you are slipping in your room for few hours and will be returning soon to him. If you leave a trigger at the leaving time your dog will start undergoing into isolation stress and will become upset.

When you are returning back towards the home you should not be over excited before your dog. You should have handled the event with calm and peaceful behaviour. Many dog owners run over their dog when they are back to their home, they celebrate the joy of their arrival at home very loudly. Once you are back to the home, you should get fresh first by changing the dress, drink water and have a dinner, check you electronic mails or mobile calls or messages and then finally you can sit with your tzu and spend few time with him. You can share your love with him. After checking your phone calls and messages, you can take out your dog for a walk by giving him an opportunity to eliminate. During this session you can give a maximum attention towards your dog.

You can keep your window open if your dog feels good otherwise it should be closed. You can judge this by doing an experiment on this. Many shih tzu needs to see the outer roads and people scene for relieving their isolation stress. Some dogs do barking by seeing such outside scenes and start running here and there for escape from room. There is another trick for relieving the stress upon shih tzu and that is by keeping the FM or CD player ON inside the house for a day as that will keep the room's atmosphere active and live. Dogs dont like to sit quietly in quiet atmosphere alone. FM will not keep your room's atmosphere calm and quiet. Keep the voice of FM to medium level of sound as the louder sound can make the dog more stressful and anxious. If you are doing a night shift job, keep the light in the room ON when you are about to leave your home. Keeping a dog alone in a dark house is not an ideal thing for a dog in order to stay without stress inside the home.