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How to Recognize the Perfect and Responsible Shih Tzu Breeder?
You can ask breeder the following questions-

1) From when has the breeder been breeding shih tzu?
2) Does the breeder total study about Shih Tzu breed? Can he explain his knowledge about breed in brief?
3) Does the breeder participated in any dog shows competitions with the dogs?
4) Does the breeder resolve the health issues occurs.in the.shih tzus that he sold?
5) Have.the pups been nurtured and raised in his own kennel?
6) How many times is the.mother bred?
7) What are the beneficial or good points from fathers side?
8) Can I meet with the father and mother of the puppy?
9) From where did you find about the breeder of father and mother of puppy?
10) Does the.breeder provide KCI registration along with puppy?
11) Does the breeder provide puppy with all cleared vaccinations? Does he provide atleast three generations pedigree of puppy? Does he provide the feeding chart of the puppy?
12) Does the breeder provide a lifetime support for the health regarding questions of puppy?
13) Will the breeder take the dog return if it is not comfortable with you or you are not able to look after him?
14) Is the breeder member of Kennel club of india or any local kennel club?

Feeding your Shih Tzu puppy-

          Shih tzu puppy requires more food to eat.The puppy eats three to four times in a day just like an adult dog for his complete growth.The puppy food is recommeded by veterinarians to get all essential vitamins,minerals,proteins and fats for the complete growth of a puppy.There are more than ten pet food brands available in indian pet food market.The ingredients proportion are different from one brand to other one.One thing should be noted that any pet food brand should be affiliated with Association of American.feed control officials.You can test every food brand to make sure it helps in you pups growth and development.Your food brand should atleast have minimum nutrient standard.Many times low performance ingredients found in cheapest pet food brands and "Premium" and "Advance" quality of dog foods have good quality ingredientsfor better digestibility.

         If your dog is from toy category then it will mature faster than the larger category dogs like mastiffs and great danes.A recommended dog food is essential for puppy untill he is fully grown.As per the American Food Control Officials, Royal canine and Eukanuba are best food brands in indian pet food market.You should choose the dog food as per the breed of your dog.In larger breed puppies always choose the larger breed formula that can help your puppy to develop his bones and joints completely as it should be.In smaller breed like shih tzus small breed formulas gives nutrition in tiny,bite size kibble which are essential in pups digestion and development.Similarly in medium breeds like labradors you can go with medium breed formulas.


        Puppy should eat dog food upto certain level and not more than that.Certain level means upto digestion level.On every dog food brand bag, their guidelines are written.The dog breeder should follow that so that any indigestion will be avoided after eating.When puppy is two to three months old, they eat three to four times in a day.If it is possible to give the food twice a day then you can give the same quantity of food that you had given in three to four meals, into two meals.

Bringing house your puppy-

          Once you bring you new shih tzu pup at home ,it is surprising moment for both of you to adjust because the pup has come from different place leaving his parents.Few pups are inborn active and playful.They dont require any kind of special recognition with his new owner and family.They adapt themselves very easily with their new family members.In order to overcome this transition gap on both sides you should be preplanned before bringing your new puppy.



Since it is a big responsibility ,before taking a firm decision of bringing a new shih tzu pet at home ,you should be sure enough that every member of your family must agree and want their new family member.Secondly, you should decide with your parents or family about who will be the primary servant or caretaker for the shih tzu dog because after bringing him you will argue between family members while your puppy sleeps without having a meal.Everything about shih tzu puppy should be preplannned like where should be the sleeping place of dog,which food he would eat,where will he play daily,etc.Keep your required stock of accessories and dog food ready little before bringing your puppy.The following things must be purchased.

-Plastic or metallic kennel

-Dog food with certain quantity anlong with the food bowls for the purpose of serving food and water
-Treats required for training him.Try to give him the same food brand which he was eating previously at the breeders place else the different brand can be unsuitable with his stomach causing the indigestion and more issues.
-`Y` shaped collar, leash and belt

-Chewsticks and toys
-Bed for sitting
-Room freshners for removing odours and stain removers.
-Small dog gates to create the partitions inside your home.

           By crating a gated off space for living shih tzu would not be able to damage the things kept inside the room and would not be able to eat improper or unwanted things in the room that can make him ill.

        The puppy will live in that blocked area whenever you are not with him for few moments.While selecting a space for keeping a dog in your house think of choosing a centralised space in your house where many activities happened within a day and also it should be easy to clean floors .Hence the dog wont feel he is separated.It is said that the kitchen spaces are well enough for shih tzus.The kitchen door can be blocked by baby gates if required that can be isolated from other rooms.Make the thing confirm that the puppy should not eat or chew the important things in the room, they must kept out of the dog's space.Puppy should be out of reach from the medicines,harmful plants,chemical liquids,phenols,etc.If you are a businessman or doing.a daytime job then you will require to shop two things for your shih tzu puppy around your area.
1) Professional dog walkers
2) Professional dog day care

             For a good communication and bonding with your puppy Group obedience classes are required for shihtzu.Usually these classes are recommended to join after 3 months of puppy age.By training classes pup will live more comfortably and safe around the people and with other dogs.ThereThey will be many dog trainers in your area but your have to find out little experienced and expert dog trainer to train your shih tzu puppy neatly.Initially the house training should be started and then they should train to get easy around the people and friendly to other dogs.It is required that your dog should have microchip within his body in order to trace him if he is lost.If you need to buy license for your dog you will need to visit the Municipality office near your area and fill up the form regarding getting a licence.If they are giving some online services of form filling then it would be another option to apply for licence.After buying a shih tzu puppy it is required to check up from a responsible veterinarian from your area.If the vaccination has not been done it is mandatory to start his vaccination from the first visit of clinic.There will be number of veterinarians in your area.The best doctor can be found by asking among the group of dog owners.They can guide you to find the best veterinarian for treating your shihtzu pup.

Vaccination & deworming-

       Deworming among the shih tzus plays a major role in order to get their better growth.Usually the deworming in small puppies shall be done in 3 stages in shih tzu puppy.

       At the age of 25 days initial deworming shall be done.After 15 days i.e. 40 days later the second deqorming shall be given.Final deworming is done after a period of 20 days.
Always prefer the recommended deworming medicine and take veterinarian’s suggestion when giving that.Avoid the travelling for a day after consuming medicine by puppy. Vaccination is started after 90 days of birth.Total vaccination should be done by veterinarian.Vaccination should be filed and maintained.

Diet advice-
Shih tzu diet-

    We do prefer the Royal canine food brand for feeding the shih tzu dogs sue to the premium quality of nutrition in that.
      Usually we feed shih tzu puppies in 3 sets through out the day.In morning session we feed maximum quantity of food.In afternoon we feed little less quantity of food and then in the evening time little less food shall be given.This is the tip of healthy diet of a shih tzu puppy


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