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Home Made Dog Food Preparation For Your Shih Tzu Puppy-
In todays electronic life, everything has become so fast and quick.The dog food brands like royal canine, pedigree, eukanuba, drools and science diet plan etc. are selling their seal packed dried dog foods in the pet industry.Ofcourse they have the best nutritional value in them.It saves a lot of time of a dog owner to make the food and feed to shih tzu everyday. Though it is true that these dried food contains preservatives to maintain the food for longer time period, these presevatives can be harmful to your shih tzus health due to their log time intake. Hence it is not supposed to be a well balanced diet.

A home made dog food is considered to be best for your shih tzus health. To make this kind of foods it requires a lot of efforts and skills.Only the sharp and expert person can make the dog food keeping the well balance of nutrition and carbohydrates in that. It is also a time taking job to make a hand made dog food.There is a difference between making a dog's food and human's food. For the fitness and longer lifespan of your shih tzu it is mandatory to maintain the well balanced diet by including chicken, nuts, carbohydrates, vitamins, vegetables and all kind of sweet fruits. All these necessary things must.beincluded in the diet of your shih tzu pup.According to the likes and dislikes, digestion capacity, stamina, size and weight of dog, the diet varies. Big sized shih tzu eats more than the smaller sized shih tzus. We the human beings always avoid to eat the food that contains chemicals or any type of preservatives in it.Similarly do not give such kind of chemical or preservative contained food to your shih tzu pup. It is not good for its health. There can be some harmful reactions occur in your shih tzus health, those can be following-
1) Itchyness
2) Skin allergies
3) Indigestion and improper stooling
4) Dandruff
5) Dry eyes
6) More hair shedding
7) improper body weight

Select your food from the following four groups of food in order to get the well balanced nutritional values in your shih tzus diet.
In yar 1916, the american agricultural department devided the foods into four groups taking.in account of their nutritional values. Later on, in between 1916 to 1992 these four groups are further devided into 8 more sub groups. Previously there was a single group of fruits and vegetables but currently the dietry guidelines of united states says that these two products are belonging to two different groups.There are another three more groups of dairy foods, grain

What is the intent of food groups?
In order to stay fit and healthy, the shih tzu should receive required amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients from food. If you are eating nutrient rich food from the recommended food groups in proportionate quantity with maintaining your regular calorie balance, that can be profitable to prepare healthy diets that gives a protection over dangerous sicknesses like kidney stones, cancer, joint pain, obesity, backpain, asthma and cardiac diseases. According to united states dietry guidelines, the shih tzu pup is recommended to feed two sweet fruits in a day, three cups of regular vegetables, five ounces of regular grains and five ounces of regular protein rich foods and four ounces of dairy food.

Fruits have a huge amount of nutrients and antioxidant properties that are good for health of your shih tzu. Every fruit has different quantity of nutrient in it and hence you.should offer shih tzu all kinds of fruits like bananas, apple, pineapples, oranges, black and green grapes etc. In these food groups, all kind of 100% fruit juices, seasonal fruits, frozen fruits and dried fruits are included.

Colour of vegetables varies from species to species. Darker green vegetables like brocolli and spinach gives the vitamins A,B and C. They are also the sources of iron and calcium.Tomatoes, carrots and potatoes are the red vegetables and are the source of A vitamins. Vitamin A is good for eyesight improvement and vitamin C is for bones development. According to one of the american university, corn and potatoes consist of B vitamins, useful for keeping the care of skin. Every vegetable has different nutrient content and hence intake of all types of vegetables is mandatory to stay your shih tzu puppy fit and healthy.

According to the dietry guidelines, whole grain posseses the nutrient and fibres whereas refined grains do not. Grain products are source of iron and vitamins B. Grain consists of cereals, wheat bread and brown rice. Refined grain products include white bread, white rice etc.

Always select low fat and fat less dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheeses. Since the less calcium present in cream, cream cheese and sour cream, they are eliminated from this dairy food group.

Protein food groups-
Protein foods consist of chickens, seafoods, egg, seeds and nuts. Meat products with less fats, poultry products with less fats are most benefitial food selections.Avoid to eat animal's food. Always choose the green food for your shih tzu like vegetables, beans and peas. They have natural protein, zinc and iron content in it.