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Heat Cycle Of a Shih Tzu Dog-

If you have kept a shih tzu bitch you should have full detail knowledge about the menstrual phase of shih tzu. Lot of understandings are there regarding heat of a Tzu, spaying and everything that is present. If you are planning to buy a shih tzu female puppy for your home or you are already having a female bitch of shih tzu, this article will help you in how to handle the shih tzu when it is in heat.Total answers of every questions is given in this article.

What Happens When Your bitch Comes In Heat?
Your shih tzu bitch came in heat means it is the phase of menstruation for your shihtzu. The menstrual cycle also happens in the humans. There is a huge difference between the menstrual cycle of human and menstrual cycle of shih tzu. When you are buying a female shihtzu from a breeder he should give you all the possible information regarding.this heat cycle and how it works.

When Does This Menstrual Cycle Starts?
The initial menstrual cycle of your shih tzu starts when it is a semiadult, that means, at the age of 6 months. It is clearly a sign that your shih tzu is able to become pregnant. As per the veterinarians opinion the shih tzu should not be bred in such small age or at her first heat cycle as its not a full grown at this stage. If you breed the shih tzu at the age of 6 months it body growth will not be developed upto 100% further. In few dogs the heat comes at 6 months to 7 months age but in few dogs the heat season occurs too late within 14 months to 15 months. If your shih tzu have never come across the heat cycle when it is 16 months old, it can be a dangerous indication or symptom for your bitch and it should be checked immediately by veterinarian .

How to Identify That Your Bitch is in Heat?
If your shih tzu becomes 6 months old and she has her menstrual cycle, she will show the following symptoms.
1) Portion around the vagina will show swelling. The breeder should give an idea to dog owner to keep the notification of the portion around the vagina before the heat of female and after it is in heat. The dog owner should notice the difference between them. On doing so he will be definitely get the idea if his bitch is in heat or not.
2) Vagina will shiw little blood outside during the menstrual cycle. If the dog belongs to giant breed group the quantity of discharging of blood from vagina will be little more whereas in smaller dogs like shih tzu the quantity of blood discharge is less. Initially the vagina portion will show whitish pink colour and after few days it will become dark red in colour. This is because the blood gets mixed into other fluids present inside the body.
3) When your female has her menstrual cycle, the male dogs like shih tzu, bulldogs, great danes, maltese etc. present around your house will show their interest in get mated to your shih tzu female. Even the stray dogs around your home area gets an idea that your bitch is in heat and hence such dogs wander near your place. They gets excited and eager to meet with your female bitch.

Will It Be a Painful Moment For My Shih Tzu?
We can not say confidently that it is a painful incident.From veterinary science studies, it is said that the shih tzu female is very much concious about her menstrual cycle as sudden changes occur in her behaviour. The female is seen uncomfortable and unrelaxed during this phase. These females need to be relaxed in some comfortable and cozy place. They do not want to stay at noisy places but they need to stay in alone and arranging shawls and cloth sheets o other soft wollen sheets around her body. The females sit for long time in her resting areas or sleeping place.

When Does the Menstrual Cycle Ends?
Menstrual cycle starts when your dog becomes a semiadult. It lasts within the two weeks. These cycle comes twice in a year to every normal dog. You need to have your adult female shih tzu spayed else these cycles will be continued twice in a year for her whole life. It is very difficult incident for any shih tzu female going through her menstrual phase twice in a year.

Why is Spaying Your Shih Tzu Female Mandatory-
If you want to keep your adult female shih tzu healthy and comfortable spaying is mandatory for her. All experienced shih tzu breeders, pet experts and laboratory researchers say that spaying is very important as that keeps your bitch healthy and fit. In fact many laboratory researchers say, having an adult shih tzu female spayed though it is not become a semiadult or not entered in her initial menstrual phase. That will not cause any negative sickness situations to your shih tzus. Spaying should be carried out on immediate basis till you are not loking to breed her for taking the puppies from her. This will lower the chances of getting your female sick from mammary or ovarian cancers.

Cleanliness Should Be Maintained Inside the Dog's Kennel-
If you consider the toy dogs over the giant dog breeds, in menstrual season , the giant breeds secrete more blood than that of the toy breeds from the vulva. You should wear a diaper or doggy whisper to your adult bitch and you should maintain the cleanliness in your home by doing that. This tip of changing the diaper is becoming more famous and popular among the maximum dog owners day by day. For the purpose of hiding the diapers of shih tzu you can wear your shih tzu the clothes that are easily available in any pet shop.

Keep an Adult Female Protected from Stray dogs-
If your adult shih tzu female is in heat and it is not yet spayed the very first critical and mandatory thing is to keep the female inside your home. If your female is willing to go outside then you can allow her to wander around the home, in balconies or garden, but you should keep your eyes on her. Usually the stray dogs are not neutered and they wander around your home majorly when your shih tzu is in heat. They can detect by smell that the female is in heat. They are very excited at the time of crossing. Avoid your bitch to go closer to these stray dogs as at any time they can get crossed over your shih tzu female. These stray dogs have high smelling powers as they can detect your female's heat also from coupleeof kilometers. During the menstrual phase when the urinating time comes this blood mixes into the fluid. This smell is left as it is at the yard. It is enough for the stray dog to detect a small quantity of smell to know the females location which is in heat. These stray dogs are eager to meet and mate with such females at all cost. The female usually comes in heat in rainy season. We get to see the crossing of stray dogs over the roads maximum in rainy season. If you want to get your female dog outside for a walk during her menstrual cycle, initially check the outside area of your house carefully as there is a possibility of having a stray dog outside the door.
The shih tzu dogs have many health related problems but that are not even known to many dog owners. As many certified and professional shih tzu breeders come across this issue or health disorder as they come to know that during their breeding times but dog owners can not get even a single trigger about these health problems. The dog owners should read the book that contains all the information related to shih tzu diseases, symptoms and treatment in order to be a responsible shih tzu owner.