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The Great Dane is a huge breed among the dog breed history. It is a domestic kind of dog and has a great body position with tallest height. It is referred as a tallest dog in list of all dog breeds in world. The breed is originated from the Germany country. In Germany it is called by name as Deutsche Doggie or German Mastiff Dog. Mastiff dogs are mostly famous for their huge body personalities and aggressiveness. They are supposed as the master dogs among the breeds of all dogs in world. Their body weight is also above 60-70 kg. There is a world record attended by one of the tallest Great Dane dog in Germany named as Zeus who lived healthily for five years and died on September 2014. Height of the dog measured was approximately 43-44 inches or 112 centimeters. These are one of the dogs that attracts minds of strangers because of their huge body personalities and great height. Today in every country the puppies of Great Danes are available in huge quantity. They have become a center of affection of the most dog owners. Some people feels proud to keep the dog breed like Dane at their house. It is due to their attractive body quality. They are one of the powerful and strengthen dogs occurred on the universe. They have a big sized and muscular body. It is categorized into the giant working dog breed. The hair coat of the dog is appeared as a short with huge galloping body structure. It is appeared as a square in its height and length comparison ratio. The height of male dog should be greater than 30 inches or 76 centimeters and a female height should be greater than 28 centimeters or 71 centimeters. In the dog shows held in India, the Great Dane that has lower height than the minimum requirements are disqualified and would not allowed to enter in the dog show rings.

From the ancient years to the current years the tallest and huge dog on the earth is Great Dane. In ancient times there were three dogs that became popular for their huge height and the names of them are Titan, Gibson and George. Currently in 2014, there is a dog named as Zeus achieved the record by growing the height up to 44 inches or 112 centimeters. Unfortunately the dog died at past year. He lived for five years with pride. He was listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for his enormous height and body posture. He beaten the previous dog that was listed in the records named as George whose height was 43 inches or 110 centimeters at the shoulders. The body weight of Great Dane at the age of one and half years should be 52 kg or 118 lb. The.body weight of the female at that age should be 45 kg or 100 lb. However, the weight requirements are changed and reduced from the rules of American Kennel Club. The male should look heavier and bigger in appearance than the females. The bones and body structure of males should be heavy than females.

In earlier centuries, the Great Dane was known as German Boar hound in British countries.There were few German breeders tried to establish the names German doggy and German Mastiff in the British dog market, because they thought the breed should be established and known as luxurious dog and not a working breed. However, due to the increasing war situations between Germany and few other countries like Japan, the breed later became known to as a Great Dane in year 1755. The ears of dog are floppy, flat and triangle in structure. In ancient times. the Great Danes were usually used for the purpose of hunting boars. Ear cropping was done to make the damages to the ear of dog less during the hunts. Nowadays, the Danes are used as a companion breed among the dog owners. Cropping occurs in few dogs due to some cosmetic and traditional purposes. In the earlier years of 1930, first ear cropping of Great Dane has been performed with the help of devices called Easter Bonnets were inserted in their ears to make them erect.Today, the ear cropping process become very common in America but very less common in Europe. Ear cropping process in Great Dane is banned in some European countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Parts of Ireland and New Zealand or it is allowed to performed only to veterinary surgeon. 

There are different coat colors available in this type of breed. Mainly there are four varieties of colors available which are acceptable for dog shows in India. Other two colors are not qualified for the dog show purposes. The main colors are Fawn, Brindle, Black and Harlequin. Other disqualified colors are Mantle and Blue or Ash color. Fawn colored Great Danes look yellow gold in color with black lips to mouth. The presence of black color is on eye rims, ears and eyebrows. Brindle colored Danes are totally gold on color with the presence of black stripes on them. This black stripe pattern gives the dog a new color marking and hence it is said as a Brindle colored dog. In black color Great Danes, the color is glossy black in appearance. However, in some Danes, white patches are present on the chest and toes but in dog shows, such Danes are disqualified. These white patches are not desirable in Great Danes. The dog should be totally black in appearance. In Harlequin Great Danes, the base body color is white and black spots are present on that randomly. The neck of dog should be white for qualifying in the dog shows. The black spots on the body of a dog should not be so tiny that they give a dappled effect and should not be so large in size to give a look of a blanket. Grey spots on a white base is not desirable but still are eligible for dog show purpose. The grey spots occur in other types of dogs regularly. Also the less quantity of black spots present on white base gives a salt and pepper effect to dog. Grey on few dogs is qualified in American Kennel Club dog shows because few bitches and dogs can reproduce properly black and white harlequin puppies. For providing maximum quantity of gene pool, the grey color on few dogs is disqualified in India. This type of color never achieved top ranking in the dog shows. Mantle Great Danes are called as Boston in some countries because their color is similar to Boston Terrier. The color of these dogs is black and white with presence of large black spots on body to form a black blanket over the body. The skull of dog is black and muzzle is white. The full white neck is preferred. Chest of the dog is white in color. The tail is usually black with white spots present on that. Few tiny white spots on black blanket is desirable. In Blue colored dogs, the color of dog is full steel blue in appearance. However, few pups have white spots on chest and toes.They are undesirable and are disqualified in dog shows.