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The Body Development and Growth Rate of Shih Tzu Breed is quick. Developing from a puppy to an adult dog, there are number of cycles. The age rate of shih tzu dog is seven times for each year of human's age. That means if the human baby is 1 year old, your shih tzu will be equivalent to 7 years old. This equation is only for the shih tzu breed. Every dog breed has the different age equations. In this article we are going to explain about-

1) The weight of the shih tzu puppies in their different age groups from one month to their old age.
2) Comparison between the shih tzu ages and human ages.
3) Agewise development and growth in life of a shih tzu.
4) Useful guidelines on caring for a retired shih tzu
If you are a shih tzu lover and searching an information about body development and growth of a shih tzu in different age stages, this website will help you to guide properly. Shih tzu puppies starts growing from their birth. Their body starts growing daily with the regular changes within the body organs. They are delicate in such age and nee to be protected against the infections. Every shih tzu puppy has the certain beginning and stops, and hence the growth of every shih tzu puppy is different. The initial four to five.months are most important as daily changes occured in the body of small shih tzu puppy. The body of shih tzu develops upto one year. After that.the shih tzu starts gaining weight and height. Now you can say your shih tzu become a full size dog or bitch. There are few shih tzus that develops maximum in girth specially in chest portion after one year is completed.
Below agewise growth chart of shih tzu puppy is written. Also the approximate weight of puppy in different age stages is described.

Equivalent age of shih tzu with human beings-
The requirement of your shih tzu varies from age to age. For being a responsible shih tzu owner, you should able to calculate the age equivalency of your tzu. The life time of.giant dog is lesser as compared to the dogs that belongs to toy group. Due to recent medical.science development the dogs can live a longer life than before they were. In the past years, the shih tzu dogs were able to live for 7 years. In current days, these dogs are living easily upto 12 to 16 years. This is just because of advance veterinary services available in our country by which life of dogs becomes more relaxed and comfortable. Below I have given the age equivalency chart between shih tzu age and human age.