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Shih tzu puppy factories are horrible!

Shih Tzu for SALE ! English Bulldog for SALE ! Can you tell me that from where these poor quality shih tzu puppies for sale at pet shops come? I will tell you the correct answer of this that they are brought from the dog breeders who breeds the dogs like machinery.These kind of breeders are cruel about the dogs and their care.They just breed the dogs for making the money from selling the shih tzu puppies.They don't even care about the health of dog.In short they run a factory of shih tzu where continuously breeding of dogs happens.Shih tzu factory is the place where dogs are bred on huge scale without caring the dogs health and financial benefits is given first priority over the health of shih tzu dog.At shih tzu factory the dogs are treated like material or products and not like humans.The dogs are not only kept in overcrowded places where even a sufficient pure air is not passed but also they dont get proper veterinary services atleast within a week.These shih tzu puppies are not socialised and they also dont get pure water and food.Shih Tzu Factory is a horrible place to buy a shih tzu puppy from.

The cute shih tzu for sale at you nearest pet store was usually bred from the dogs who dont come out to walk or play and also they are not exercised daily.Also such shih tzu parents are not groomed ever.In Shih Tzu factory the adult shih tzu dogs are normally kept in stainless steel cages having netted steel flooring which harms paws and legs of adult dogs.These cages are settled in a column so that the pee of dogs can be collected from area below the cage.These dogs can have horrible health issues like mange,tangles,dental disorders,skin infections,other body part infections,poor eyesight etc.There are many small shih tzu puppies that born with major skin disorder or any other infection and hence they become unsalable to pet shop owners.These abandoned puppies are simply ignored at shih tzu factory.They are later left alone on the streets to die.Making money from the healthy shih tzu puppies is the only motto of shih tzu factory.It is the place where emotions of dogs dont have any value.They just think about their business and benefits.There are chances to get the sick shih tzu pups at the pet shops for sale.If any shih tzu dog lover go to such pet store, he will buy such sick shih tzu pup unknowingly.An adult female shih tzu spend her full life at the shih tzu factory with all the compromises with her health.At littering times the bitch doesnt get enough time to recover from the previous litter.She has to face the situation and get readyfor her next litter.Once the adult dogs and bitches stop producing the puppies they are declared as the retired dogs at shih tzu factory.Also these dogs are ignored later by leaving them lonely on streets to die.Manytimes they are shot also.They are starved till they steadily die.

Avoid buying a shih tzu puppy from Factory-

Many pet store owners bring the shih tzu puppies to sell from factories.Also many shih tzus are sold from online internet advertisements.These pet store puppies are made away from their parents at two months of age.They are not raised socially under the mother care.The pet store owner can not give you health guarantee for such puppies.
If you are buying a shih tzu for sale from a pet shop or from online internet advertisement,you will be indirectly supporting to such a horrible shih tzu factory industry.If you are buying a dog food,toys,pet accessories from a pet shop then also you are supporting this industry.Always buy the pet accessories from the pet shops they never sell shih tzu puppies, else you can buy pet products from an online web portal that is not involved in selling the shih tzu.Make a promise to me not to buy shih tzu puppy at pet shop that is involved in selling the puppies.I wish to celebrate 11th february a "No Pet Shop Puppy" day by making promise to myself and avoiding to buy shih tzu accessories from pet shop or from online web portals that are into puppy selling.

Adorable Shih Tzu for sale! English bulldog puppies for sale ! and many other advertisements are seen on the internet.Kindly do not buy shih tzu puppies from such online services, no matter it is a toy dog or a giant breed puppy.It is also horrible as buying a shihtzu from the pet store.I will say it is damn risky and a horrible idea for any shihtzu buyer.There are many online websites that offer the shih tzu puppy for sale and claim that they are good and certified shih tzu breeders in india.Such shihtzu breeders use the word like KCI registered, pedigree, certified, health guarantee, show quality, etc.The truth behind this is that these shihtzu breeders runa Factory of shih tzu dogs.Hence if you buy a shih tzu puppy from online internet advertisements you will be supporting such shih tzu factories directly.In india a survey done by a reputed organization involved in animal welfare and it is found that the number of online shihtzu puppy buyers is similar to the buyers that buy a puppy from pet shops.In the registry of online crime complaints, thousands of complaints are registered annually from the puppy buyers who were cheated when buying a shihtzu puppy from the net advertisements.If your chosen shih tzu breeder is responsible and trustworthy, he will meet you first before shipping the shih tzu puppy. The ethical and experienced shih tzu breeders do not make the payment transactions online on internet, though they have advertised their shih tzu for sale.

I will tell you few tips and examples that how these online shih tzu breeders in india and mumbai fools the buyers using the scams.

Commonly these shih tzu puppy breeders create a lavish and well described pet website with number of shih tzu puppy photos uploaded on it. They use the photos of sweet looking,cute and beautiful shih tzu puppies. The buyer are totally unaware that these photos are stock photos that are used repeatedly to cheat the people.Sometimes they are also copied from the websites of other pet breeders. In such type of scams, buyer never meets the seller personally. The deal is done only by the medium of emails and telephone. Buyer dont even see the puppy in practice.Also the parents of pup are not shown to the buyer by seller.When the buyer receives the the puppy at delivery time, he gets the different puppy unmatched to the puppy shown in the photo and the colour markings of the puppy are also found different. That time the buyer makes sure that he is scammed by the seller. In other way, there are few dog lovers who love to do good work for dogs by helping them who are in need.These shih tzu factory people create a rescue group on the internet. They offer pure shih tzu for sale who is rescued from bad shih tzu breeders, puppy mills or shelter places. The soul motto of rescue group is to get the loving house to their rescues by charging less amounts upto five to six thousand ruppees from the dog lovers.These scammers put the advertisements on their website and charges fifty to eighty thousand ruppees for a puppy.

KCI registry is a service offered by the kennel club of india. Some people think that KCI registration means they will receieve the puppy from a reputable breeder. Actually KCI registered puppy means your pups both the parents have their KCI registration certificates. These shih tzu factories can also produce the KCI registered dogs. The KCI do not restrict such cruel people from producing the KCI registered puppies. Many KCI registered dogs are born in shih tzu factories.