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     Shih-Tzu Puppies are classified into the toy category of dog breed group. In China the dog is known as Lion dog. The body weight of dog is about nine to seventeen pounds approximately. The height of dog is about nine inches to ten inches high at shoulders. Height of male and female is alike and weight is also same. The average life period of shih tzu is from eleven years to sixteen years.

    Every dog breed is used for different reasons. The reason for keeping a shih tzu is just to get a companion and nothing else. The shih tzu can not be used for guarding,hunting and retrieving purposes. He is not made for those tasks. They are very attractive and beautiful. Your love about them is the their only desire. The most happiest moment for shih tzu is when he is living together with the parents and family members. He loves when the family members give a proper attention to him. Though the dog is not used for hunting, guarding and retrieving he is very alert and do bark at strangers coming at door. There is no need to get worried because when the strangers enter inside the house, shih tzu starts attaching them and becomes their companion.


The breed shih tzu is originally found in China country. In chinese language it is pronounced as Shih tsu. In some countries it is named as sheet-zoo. This is very sensitive and delicate kind of breed. They are occurred in bi-colour and tri-colour markings, in which brown, white and black colour is involved.

     The weight of these dogs in adult stage is 3-4 kg only. Hence they are classified into Toy breed group. Many celebrities are fans of this breed.Eyes of shih tzus are big and rounded with long eyelids over it. Hair are delicate,  soft and long upto the ground. Tail is long and curly with full of hairs. Legs of them are short and furry. Muzzle is short. Nose is black. Face is rounded. Neck is small. This dog is most popular in the small children. Due to their beutiful looks children usually prefer to buy shih tzu puppy by Shih Tzu Breeder.

     The personality of a Shih Tzu puppy is highly influenced by their sire and dam and their genetic characteristics and also the environment. If you do examine of the adult shih tzu you will find that the puppy's atmosphere and our behaviour with them will produce the resultant effect upon the maturity. Half of the puppy's inherited genes come through his father and half of the genes transfer through mother.Puppy's temperament depends some what upon his parents genetic characteristics. Due to this reason it is very essential to find totally fit and healthy parents before you buy any puppy from somewhere.