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Building a Kennel For a Shih Tzu Puppy-
I have shared here some important points required for building a safe and comfortable shih tzu house.They are as below.

1. Plastic Matting In Kennel-

2. Iron Net for Building a Kennel-

3. Iron Rods for Pol Building-


4.Tiny Deluxe Fan-

5. Roofing for Kennel-

1) While building a kennel we should be concious about the ventilation and space required to rest comfortably to shih tzu puppy.
2) Kennel can be made up of wooden material or a pure stainless steel.One thing should be noted that it would not be prepared from iron as it could be dangerous for puppy if it leaks that.That can affect the pups immune system.
3) Well disposable toilet should be build inside the kennel.Possibly an automated flushing system should be build in order to resolve the odour issues.Else any air freshners available in market can be used.
4) The person who is building kennel should be pre planned about that and have good skills of kennel building.The kennel should be spacious and odourless.
5) A plastic slats  can be used for building the surface of kennel by which pee and urine issues can be avoided.

6) Plastic slats can be available from any manufacturer in the market.one by two feet of size or any bigger size than this is prefferable.Picture of one slat is shown below.
7) If steel nets are used before plastic slats it can harm your pups paws area badly and it can affect the pups whole body too.
8) One ceiling fan and exost fan should be installed in kennel.Feeding bowl should be installed and fixed in kennel.An automatic water feeder is available in market.That can also be installed.
9) Surrounding temperature of kennel should be cooler.For breeding purposes cold climate for dogs is ideal.A mirror can be fitted inside to puppy to see its reflection.

Animal Welfare India-

In this article we are going to make highlight on animal welfare of India board and its operation among the the animal lovers and the professional animal breeders.As we are the professional dog breeder we know the challenges and working methods of animal breeders.There are many hard working and challenging situations come in this field.Breeding any animal is not an artificial job but is totally natural.When we decide to breed any animal like dog or cat, we need to keep enough patience and presence of mind in order to get the successful results.However, whenever we make a mind to do work of animal breeding we must aware of the fact that we would have to face the unsuccessful results.