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Are you in trouble with the shih tzu allergies?

You should have all possible information regarding these allergies.

If your shih tzu has an infection in the ear then they will appear reddish in colour. Also the swelling will occur. The dog will scratch continuously around the ears area. If your sog has an infection on the skin then it will turn to red colour and becomes crusty. Also the secondary or minor infection will take place in the skin. If your dog has an infection in the paws and feet then they will get red and become swollen and inflamed. If your dog has a facial infection the major hair loss will occur at the face area. If the dog has the infection in hair then sudden hair fall will occur. Slowly the hair will become discolored. In most of the shih tzu breed allergies are the only problem that makes the dog unhealthy and sick. Due to such allergies the dog becomes very uncomfortable. It is a sad experience to see the continuous scratching of ears, skin etc. Also for curing the allergies lot of money and medicines has to be spent to veterinary clinics. We have already examined all types of allergies occured in the shih tzu dog in our veterinary career and breeding career. We are trying to disclose the information and tips to cure the allergies, treatments on these allergies and prevention. The human beings face allergies to different things in the atmosphere. Similarly the dogs has to face such types of allergies to many things in the surroundings. Allergies cause to inhaling, skin contact or can be caused by biting of fleas. Shih tzus usually are not categorized in the dog group that are suffered by different types of allergies. But sometimes they face lot of kind of allergies due to the atmosphere conditions. Many shih tzu lovers or owners give their best to get rid off these allergies.

I would like to share my personal experience on such shih tzu allergies-
I had a small and active shih tzu male dog named jimmy before few years. He was regularly suffering from food allergies, most likely caused by the fleas. Before several years, we were living in such an area which was totally occupied by dog fleas. For getting cured from skin allergies we followed almost all the treatments like soaps, shampoos, oils, antibiotics, steroids prescribed by the veterinarian, fleas removal treatments, healthy diets. We did everything suggested by our veterinary doctor. The veterinary said the name of that allergy is Mange. Whenever we give any antibiotics and medicines the allergies went off for some time and they come back again after few days. Our shih tzu dog lived a very long life span of 17 years but the Mange allergies never went off from root. Todays veterinary science is very improved that the Mange can be cured from root. Your dog can live a healthy life for his whole life span. Some veterinary doctors says that allergies comes in due to the contact of your dog with clothings, fabrics, carpets, wools, dirt, cigarette smoke, scents or perfumes, grooming products etc. When your Tzu comes in contact of allergy causing substance then symptoms occur at the area of body of your shih tzu like mouth area, ears, belly portion, eyes, hair etc. When your shih tzu becomes allergic the following symptoms are shown in the puppy.

1) The skin of puppy becomes red and itchy
2) Sudden hairfall happens in the body
3) Continuous scratching occurs in the area of body like ears, belly, eyes, etc.

However the above allergies are not usually occur in the shih tzu breed but for your veterinarian and you we tried to explain total information regarding these allergies. We will discuss next about the allergies that occurs in the shih tzus commonly.

Allergies spread in the shih tzus due to biting of fleas which is named as flea bite allergy dermititis. Dogs are sensitive to the saliva of fleas hence they get allergic to the fleas. When such fleas bite to dogs they gets allergic which is called as flea allergy dermititis. However there are few dogs which do not influence by these flea bites but they feel a small amount of irritation in their body. There are few shih tzu dogs that face major irritation in body by biting of a single flea. In this condition the scratching and biting around the skin by the dog will be seen. If this scratching occurs on the back legs and on end of tail, your dog is allergic with fleas. You should keep your dog away from the fleas before treating such flea dermititis allergy. For that you should make use of insecticides or flea removing medicines to get rid off fleas from the environment. Due to the advanced medical science, lot of flea removing medicines are available in the market and by applying them once on the area of body part, fleas gets removed for some time. These advance medicines are much effictive than the older medicines or other alternatives to flea removing purpose like powedered form medicines, collar etc. Some dogs face the allergies at the fixed time in the year, it happens due toto the specific reason. This type of trouble occurs due to inhaling the small particles in the atmosphere. Due to this particles or elements the humans also get suffered like pollens, ragweed and other dust particles. If your dog is facing allergies in the winter season they are possibly allergic to dust particles. Similarly if your dog is facing allergies in rainy or summer season they are likely allergic to ragweed and pollengrains. Pollen allergies occurs very commonly in the spring autumn. Pollen allergies are spread from plants, grasses, ragweeds and mildew. The.human beings and dogs get allergic to the same atmospheric elements but the symptoms of the allergies are always varies. If the human beings get allergic due to pollen they face the symptoms like watery eyes, coughing in the body, fever. However the dogs shows the symptoms like itching , scratching and licking at their body areas. Continuous scratching results into hair damage, redness and soring.

If your dog if facing such kind of issue of allergy his behaviour will be-
1) Itching and scratching on the feet
2) Licking the affected portion of allergy.
3) Rubbing the body on ground surface.
4) Face chronic allergies which will lead to the chronic problems in your dogs health.
Allergies caused due to infected food-

The infected food allergies are commonly seen among most of dogs. These types of allergies mostly occured with airborne type of allergies caused due to pollen and dust. If your dog has infected food allergies he will show you the symptoms of diarrhea, loose motions, vomiting and other indigestional symptoms. You should always check an expiry date of food and feed your dog a fresh and quality dog food. The storing place of food should be in vaccum box or container. The food shoukd remain fresh and hygeine for long period of time so that no chances to allergies can happen. Some dogs are allergic to specific type of protein or minerals or vitamins present in the food. I will give you an example to prove this statement. I have a shih tzu dog of a year age which is allergic to the eggs, beef, mutton, soyabean, bajra, rice etc. Hence I always try to avoid to feed him above things in his diet. I am very careful about my dogs diet and schedule. Once your dog gets infected to the food and becomes allergic, he will have major irritations in the skin. Your dog will start scratching and itching over the infected skin areas. Even the delicate organs like ear, nose, face will get infected and a hair loss occurs on the surrounding area. The itchiness happens on such parts of body as a result of this the dog will be totally uncomfortable. During these allergies most of the dogs do not eliminate normally. They can face.loose motions commonly. The stools are not tight. Such food infections in the body can be cured by giving the right antibiotics to them. After a dose of antibiotics the symptoms gets disappeared and dog becomes normal.

I will write here some tips and important ideas in order to cure the food allergy-
In order to cure the food allergy you should go at the root of the problem and find the issue. You should find out the type of food allergen to which your dog is allergic to. To get successful in this job, you should give your shih tzu a homemade dog food and strictly avoid the ready made dog food stored in the bags. You can also feed the food suggested by your veterinarian for a period of minimum two to three months. You should avoid giving him treats and multivitamins, supplements and chews during these three months time period. Start giving your dog a homemade food and dont stop giving the food until and unless you dont come across any kind of bad symptoms in his body. Similarly, you can make addition of new food in his diet and keep your dog under observation. Observe whether your dog shows any reaction to such newly added food into his homemade diet. Once you found the food that is responsible for the allergies in the dog, you should eliminate that food from your dogs diet.and should never feed that again to your dog in any form. I will tell you an example of this. If your dog is allergic to the beef, immediately avoid giving your dog the beef, by-products, beef treats, beef flavoured products. This is the only solution of curing the food allergies among the shih tzu dogs.